Buon Fresco's MUSHROOM, the Finest Stenciling Tool in Creation.. has come out of the dark.





And nobody knows quite what to do with it...

Well, let us tell you...


A Mushroom is a stenciling tool 'par excellence!'


The tool is hand made in the USA of the finest pore foam made, doubled to achieve tensile strength that translates to stenciling power and accuracy.


Unlike stenciling 'brushes' which leave rough surfaces in paint, and cannot be used with Venetian Plaster, the MUSHROOM may be used to apply Plaster, Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Wax, Varnish or Glaze!


The MUSHROOM does a two-fold job of stenciling! It not only applies your material to the substrate, the tool 'EXPANDS' while in use and holds your stencil design firmly in place while you work, guaranteeing precision registration!!



 Shown Above ^  Stenciled Venetian Plaster


The Mushroom


It's a Masterpiece!



All of these wonderful walls were finished with MUSHROOMS.