Victoria Bingham, Buon Fresco's founder, has been 'drawing crowds' since 1976! 

Beginning as a Syracuse University 'Daily Orange' satirical illustrator,  to Army caricatures, to the stellar New York City Caricature circuit where there was rarely a Bar mitzvah that did not feature her skills, to the political circuit of the last few years - Victoria's is a rare skill that astonishes the recipient as well as the happy peanut gallery of viewers.

Her drawings are collected by the recipient/ sitters, and no less than the caricature patriarch himself, David Levine, the grand master of the art of caricature, paid personal respects to Victoria's craft and talent.

Caricature or 'Party Art' as some people call it, is some of the best fun one can have at a party.  Caricature art is lucid, pointed, plaintive, and altogether amusing.. even for its victims. Bingham has been quick to discover too, that the recipients of her pen's sharp point, rather than being miffed,  are always delighted by their image and became steadfast fans.

VIZ - At Army Basic Training, Bingham drew the training NCOs & Officers during Army Basic in 1978, (returning the favor to the drill sergeants - of course). The pictures hung gleefully at the 7th Battalion at Fort Jackson SC for more than a decade.

Since then Victoria has since drawn in  New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California and Washington DC metro area with a client list including:  Ive's Saint Laurent,  Macy's, RCA, The Galleria Mall in White Plains NY, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as well as innumerable private - and happy to remain so - clients.


 Victoria is available for a limited number of engagements for parties and holiday gatherings of all kinds.

For information or Reservations call: 1. 888.637.3726   Available nationwide and Alaska.

GILDA RADNER , caricature

Boris Yeltsin  Former Russian Prime Minister

Abraham Lincoln , The Rail Splitter
Dustin Hoffman as Hook Dustin Hoffman and Ann Bancroft

 The pictures in clockwise order beginning from the upper left illustrate: 

  • Gilda Radner from 'Saturday Night Live'

  • Boris Yeltsin

  • Harry Reid

  • The Rail Splitter [Abraham Lincoln]

  • Stars of The Graduate - Hoffman and Bancroft

  • A Wedding Portrait

  • Colonel from Ft. Jackson

  • Anniversary Celebrators~!

  • Victoria Jean Christine Bingham

  • Dustin Hoffman as 'Hook'.

  • Napoleon Boneparte

For information about the 'Caricature Instruction Course' please see below.

Above ^ The Artist at home in NYC.

Right>  GIFT ART Commissions are now being accepted for Holiday Gifts.

Caricature by Victoria Bingham Colonel , Ft. Jackson, SC 1978


Quote  10/2011  "She was great! The students have begged to bring her services back for the future homecoming and prom events. Thanks so much Victoria!!! "-Crystal H, Gambrills, MD 














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