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Below - Waxed Stencil Design

Below - Plastered Stencil Design


At the recent July, 2008 SALI Convention, Charleston SC, we received our first testimonial as an Artist commented the day after purchasing her first Mushroom to stencil with:  'I LOVE IT! It's so easy and effective! Thank you!'


The BLUE TOOL has been a favorite of Decorative Artists for 10 years now,
 for applying Venetian Plaster to Columns as in these photos below:

            Marble Finished Columns                        

Well, as Necessity is the Mother of Invention, our need for a special tool to apply Venetian Plaster to wall corners while on a job site this week, led us to discover an     as yet undiscovered use for the BLUE TOOL!

Photos Below: 1) Find the needed width; 2) Cut the tool with standard sissors; 3) Go ahead and apply your plaster as needed.  The stiff sharp edge of the hard rubber will leave a glassy smooth relatively thick plaster coat that will take some time to dry.  After it dries, you can polish as usual. 5) Keep the tool the same width for future applications, or... cut it again!  6) Voila! 
  1   2 BLUE TOOL     
5   6


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