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Class Registration   -  Please fill out the required information and send this form by mail or fax with credit card information or your deposit check to the address above.  Please read school policies below.  Registrations are made on a first come – first serve basis for choice of class date.  Registrations may also be phoned in.  [We do not accept email registrations at this time.]

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CLASS CHOICE (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)                                                   

          Venetian Plaster Intensive I   [2Days]                $650      ............Class Dates ________________   Materials    $ 120            Decorative Painting/Glazing Intensive I  [2 Days]$650    .          Class Dates ____________                  Materials   $  50 
.            Marbling on Columns w/ Venetian Plaster         $945                 3-Day Course   (Prerequisite-Venetian Plaster I)              .  [Please see course description for materials list] Materials $217       Materials Costs are as for each individual Class                  And are collected during the start of said class.              DP II Exotic Finishes [Prerequisite – Dec Painting I $900  ...  ..     Class Dates __________[2 Days]  Materials  $100
            Professional Furniture Finishing  [2Days]      $650                Class Dates __________[2 Days]  Materials  $ 50

.           3-Course - INTENSIVE TRILOGY  (6 days)  $1,650

.            Gold Leafing / Gilding      [2 Days]                   $650   
           Venetian Plaster Intensive I  Class Dates___________                 Class Dates________________  Materials $150
           Gold & Metal Leafing Intens. Class Dates__________              Custom Color Intensive   [1Day]                         $450
.        Decorative Painting Intensive Class Dates__________            Class Dates________________    Materials   $ 50          
          Designing Ceilings & Focal Walls I [1 Day]   $450                      Marketing &  Business of Faux - Course [1 Day]
          Class Dates________________ Materials   $  50 .           Class Dates______________   [ No Materials ]

Total Tuition (all courses) $ ______________             Deposit Amount Enclosed $ ______________ (50% of Total Tuition)

School Policies

  • Reservation policy: seats are filled in the order in which registration is received.

  • Unless a specific class date is given, dates are set according to demand.

  • Your confirmed registration will be sent by email, fax, or regular mail. You will be notified by phone if you do not receive your first or second class choice. If we are unable to accommodate a first choice or alternate choice class date within a 2-month period, you may request to either have first choice on a future date, or a deposit refund.

  • Buon Fresco understands how life throws curves and makes every effort to accommodate a student's need to change a class date.  Please note however, that a fee  - equal to the deposit for a class - may be levied if the change is within 14 days of the start date of a class and the seat remains not-filled upon commencement.

  • Refunds for student precipitated class-cancellations within 10 days of registering are 100% of deposit paid.  After 15 days, refunds are processed within 30 days and are levied a $50 administrative fee per class for processing.

  • Buon Fresco and The Academy of Wall Art reserve the right to postpone or cancel a class if it in the best interest of the studio. In such cases a full refund will be given if the registered student does not elect to take a different date.

  • Group rates of 4 or more are available upon request.

  • To schedule a private class, a minimum of 6 students are required or comparable tuition.       We look forward to making  your acquaintance!

Call us at: 703. 914. 5606 or visit our website: www.bfresco.com            RETURN TO INSTRUCTION

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Please make check payments to:  Buon Fresco