Placido Domingo, 

The Mural

Having been commissioned to create a 15-foot mural of the opera singer, Placido Domingo, Andre Kouznetsov set to researching the larger than life figure for the larger than life portrayal.  His research extended from library to opera house to acquaintances of the singer and Spain itself in order to most accurately and exquisitely present him.

The Domingo mural highlights the opera singer himself as Otello, certainly his most recognizable role, along with a gorgeous detail painting of Domingo's Aria from Pagliacci, [In the Music book at his feet] - the opera in which Domingo plays a role he is alleged to best love.

The baton is a reference to Domingo's  role as a conductor.  Behind Domingo is the Teatre de la Scala in Milan.  The bottom of the mural features his parents - his musical mentors - in a typical Spanish Zarzuela (light opera), where the Domingo family cut their operatic teeth.  Then there is a vignette of ancient Spain from where and when operatic tradition began in the land of Mr. Domingo's birth.

We believe Andre succeeded in presenting a visual excerpt of the life of Placido Domingo in gorgeous detail.  The mural may be seen in the Washington DC's celebrated  'Cafe Milano'.