The Academy of Wall Artistry in cooperation with the Buon Fresco studio, makes advanced individual training available by placing an Academy course graduate on an active job site where the same techniques are being applied. 

The job site is manned by skilled practitioners from the Buon Fresco staff and offers the opportunity for both refresher training as well as practical experience for the new  graduate. Graduates report heightened skill and confidence levels after just one day.

To qualify for the program a graduate MUST have taken the specific course for tht specialty being employed at the job site, such as classic Venetian Plaster, (VPI Class); Gold Leafing on Ornate Architectural elements (Gold & Metal Leafing Class); Marbling in Venetian Plaster [VP- III];  Stenciling in Italian Plasters (VPII); Advanced Marbling techniques [VP-IV]; Frottage or Strie (Decorative Painting I) etc.

The Graduate may choose from 1 - 3 days to practice.

No Salary is given.

No Cost or Tuition is required.

After 3 days, the OJT personnel are either sent home with their newly acquired skills, or in some cases, join the paid staff, for a period of time as negotiated between Buon Fresco and the artist.  This option is not, however, guaranteed.  While it is true that the vast majority of the Buon Fresco staff is brought on board from the graduate body, this is as much an opportunity of timing as it is of qualifications.

All such hiring is done strictly at the behest and approval of the site director, and foreman.  This opportunity depends also on the scope of the work being done and the number of artists already on hand.

Whenever the period of training time is complete, the graduate is most certain to have enhanced both their skills and confidence. 

For more information and available dates, please email the studio at:




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