Below 3-panels shown of 'The View to the Dordogne'.  Scroll down to see the remaining panels of this mural.

Above ^^ View of Left 3 panels

Above ^^  View of Center 2 panels

Above ^^ View of Right 3 panels


'The View to the Dordogne'

Andre Kouznetsov's gorgeous mural of the French wine valleys and countryside of the Dordogne was first seen publicly in the 'Style' section of the Washington Post , August 15, 2002;  then by 50,000 visitors to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Decorator Show House, July 2002.  The show house this year was in Greensprings, MD in the house that once was General Douglas McArthur's Baltimore mansion and residence.

Now the mural will be seen by millions as a beautiful backdrop in the Dreamworks' movie 'Head Of State', starring and directed by Chris Rock as the first black presidential candidate.  The mural is seen on the grand stairwell of  in the movies scenes depicting Chris's character at his Washington DC 'coming out party'.    When you see the film, it is difficult not to be taken with the genuine elegance afforded the stairwell scenes  by the mural's formidable presence.

Andre's conception for the mural was begun with discussions with the home's current owner regarding his occupations and interests, which turned out to include among other things, France and vineyards.  Painted in oil and acrylic - on canvas originally stretching to 36 feet - when completed the painting was sliced into 8 panels and hung in position in the grand stairwell picture boxes, like just so much wallpaper.  When the mural was hung in place, we were delighted to note that the 3 separate walls each turned out to have their own complete compositions. Yet taken together the whole mural forms another complete composition and transports the viewer to the valleys of the beautiful countryside of the some of France's  most beautiful wine growing regions.  The chief view of the mural being the 'Dordogne'.

  The Dordogne, also known as 'Le Perigorde', was settled in Medieval times. Andre chose the area for his mural because it is a region replete with the full spectrum of earth's physical majesties to include forests, rivers, lakes, agriculture and viticulture as well as stone villages, rambling farms, great castles and many other marvelous marks of mans architectural and artistic prowess.  How truly wonderful is the art of the 'mural' which can in a moment transport a viewer from anywhere USA to such a place as this.

Andre painted the mural on a wall graciously loaned to Buon Fresco by the Art League of Alexandria.  During the course of his labors, numerous art students passed him on a daily basis and enthusiastically stopped to watch the process of producing such a large work of art.  The students often proffered interesting questions and complimentary remarks, though Andre's favorite visit turned out to be a group of 'older students' who came straight up to him and declared, 'That's the Dordogne'.  Andre told them 'Yes, they were right',  then certain of these students further volunteered that they had been on a wine tasting tour of the Dordogne, and as 'they would never forget the beauty of the area', they also 'recognized it immediately in his painting'. !!

Painted in oil and acrylic on canvas, the 'View to the Dordogne's full length is 34 feet.  Each of 8 panels is 4.03 feet long and 8 feet high.  The mural is painted on strong cotton duck, and may be hung as wallpaper.  NOTE: The panels may be trimmed to accommodate a slightly different wall space.

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