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CLASS REGISTRATION   Please fill out the required information and send this form by mail or fax with credit card information, or your deposit check to the address above.  Please read the School Policies below.  Registrations are made on a first come first serve basis.   Registrations may also be phoned in.  Please Note: Registrations by email cannot be accepted.  The phone number for registering is: 1.888. [637.3726] The fax number for registering is: 703. 942. 6666

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___Venetian Plaster I Intensive   $650   1- Day [Materials $170]




Class Date VPI___________ 

___Venetian Plaster II Intensive $500  1 - day

Prerequisite Venetian Plaster I ]   [Materials $55- Acanthus Leaf Stencil 1/2 price $45)

Class Date VPII ___________

___Venetian Plaster III Marbling on Columns & Walls    [Prerequisite Venetian Plaster I ]  $1,090  3- Days Materials  $ 250



Class Date VP III____________


____VP Trilogy with Color Class       

Total Materials - $

___VP Trilogy Only [no color  

Tuition $                 Materials $

____ Gold Leafing Intensive  $650  2-Days [Materials $175]


Class Date GOLD__________

___Marketing & Business Intensive Class $400        Half Day  [No Materials]

Class Date M&B__________


___Essential Color Intensive Tuition $650  2-Days   [Materials $50]

Class Date Color_________11

___ Mural Painting with Andre Kouznetsov                                       

 $900 4-Days  Materials $85

Class Date Murals _____________



___Decorative Painting II  LEATHER 
Tuition $900
  (2 Days)        Materials $90



Class Date DPII Exotic  _______________ 



Hard Tile & Backsplash creating in Venetian Plaster

Tuition $   495                Materials total - $55


Advanced Marble creating in Venetian Plaster

Tuition $   575                Materials total - $55





Credit Card Payment Card Type (circle one):    Is your billing address the same as your mailing address above?

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 Please make Checks payable to Buon Fresco 





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Expiration Date:________________


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  • Please notify Buon Fresco of any allergies or solvent sensitivities as the Gold Leafing and Decorative Painting courses involve the use of alkyd and solvent based materials.
  • Reservation Policy: Seats are filled in the order in which a registration is received.
  • You will be notified if you do not receive your first or second choice of a class. If we are unable to accommodate a first choice or alternate-choice class date within a 2-month period, you may request to either have first choice on a future date, or a 100% deposit refund.  
  • Deposits are non-refundable within 14  days of class start  dates or in the case of a no show.   Refunds for student precipitated cancellations are pro-rated after a $50 administration fee. 
  • Buon Fresco's  Academy of Wall Artistry reserves  the right to postpone or cancel a class if it is in the best interest of the studio. In such cases a full refund will be given for prepaid monies.  No other liabilities will be sustained.
  • Group rates of 4 or more are available upon request.

BILLING ADDRESS [if different from Mailing Address]  Please Write Clearly                                                    1_____________________________________________________________________                              Address Line 2_____________________________________________________________________                              Address Line CITY_____________________________________________    STATE_______   ZIPCODE_______________

Toll Free: 1.888.637.3726   www.buonfresco.us    Fax: 703. 914-5605  

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