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  Above> The Living Room before Buon Fresco

<Left: Custom Color Work and the elegant beauty of Painted Stripes makes all the difference in this otherwise finely appointed Living Room.  Color treatments include Painted Stripes in a Studio blended Marigold and a dust of ceiling color taken from the seating Fabric's stripes. Notice how much larger the colored room appears.  Take the Academy's COLOR Intensive course, and learn why color enlarges a room and white walls diminish a room.

Photography above by Gordon Beall
Photography above by Ross Chappell

Notice also -contrary to the popular notion that white rooms look larger- the truth is that color increases the apparent size of a room.

No, it is not a simple result of the beautiful photographs of the talented photographers.  Our clients express the same amazement every time when they see the results.  Ask us why or take the color course to better understand the benefits of Color in design.

    Right> Dining Room before.

  Custom Color Work and the  Beauty of Stenciled Painted Stripes make a dramatic difference in this ornately furnished Dining Room.

Additional Treatments include Antiqued Niche Murals, Select Gold Leafing and a brush of Ceiling Color in cream/gold.

What Colors does your home need for finished perfection?

Visit our COLOR PAGES and our COLOR INSTRUCTION page.  

As beautiful as the furnishings may be, a room just does not look complete until it blossoms in color.


Buon Fresco's Color Work & Wall Artistry is Available Internationally through fine architects and designers.





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