Buon Fresco specializes in custom color and pattern matching. Call us at: (703) 914-5606 to discuss painted effects in your interior spaces.

Buon Fresco offers a wide variety of Painted Effects including Faux Texture, Faux Limestone, Painted Stripes, Faux Damask,  Strie', Frottage, Verdigris, Faux Blocks and Scumble Glazing, Faux Wood Graining, Faux Marbling,  Faux Distemper - Wall Patinas etc. 

VIEW SAMPLE BOARDS  Click to see close-up views of Finishes: Painted Effects Boards

QUESTION: Do you know the difference between 'Faux Finishing' and Decorative Painting?   [Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the answer.]

VIEW SAMPLE BOARDS  Click to see close-up views of these and other finishes:    Painted Effects Boards


Above^  Views of Coordinated Paint Finishes including:    Faux Wallpaper, Faux Textured Blocks, Faux Damask










ABOVE>  Detail of Great Hallway: Faux Texture  Earth tinted Patina divided by color into Blocks

  ABOVE^  Strie'!

Classic Painted Stripes.  One of the most simple, yet elegant finishes accomplished with paint.  This particular finish has received as much applause from homeowners and as much press, as almost any other surface finish that Buon Fresco offers.

                                            Above^ - Faux  Fresco

 NOTE: With the exception of Painted Stripes, much of the Painted Finish work done by Buon Fresco is of subtle color and movement and does not show up well in photographs, which is why this studio puts on display a full page of macquettes.  <Click to view them.

PS.  This sample board is 'missing' from our collection.  If you happen to ever see this board we welcome hearing from you.

  Photo Above^ shows a hallway with quiet cashmere gray faux texture, [Frottage]  along with a variety of painted floor cloths.

  Above & Below -   More Painted Stripes

Frank Lloyd Wright Border

Frottage in 2 Color



Above ^ Bedroom Finished with Color Washed Blocks of Textured Plaster.   See detail Right>


Above^ 'Strie'















  ABOVE ^ ^  Dusting of Gold over Ultramarine Blue

ABOVE ^ ^ Detail of Gold Dusting  

  ..........................ANSWER:   The difference between Faux Finishing and Decorative Painting, is that a Faux Finish is supposed to resemble ...............................something found in the physical realm such as;  marble, suede, glass,  wood, stone, leather pelts and so on.  Whereas like the ............................Gold Dusting Above, Decorative Painting is just that,  a finish that decorates the surface with color and movement, that's it!






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