Gold bathed in Sunlight, the stuff that castles and dreams are made of.  Genuine Gold   irreplaceable in design.. timeless.  

The Beauty of Gold.   Used judiciously, artistically; there is just nothing like Gold. View some of Buon Fresco's pictorial evidence of the incomparable elegance of Gold.                

Domingo Mural with Gold Accents

Trompe L' Oeil Cupola Mural with Gold Leaf


Detail from Gilded Cupola Mural

Hallway Curio Niche finished with 22 Karat Gold over Black Back Ornate 23 Karat Antiqued Gilding over Cornice and Swags


Niche After Gilding  [see  far right] Detail of Antiqued Gilding on Swags


  Above Left ^ 23 carat Mirror               Above Right ^^Detail

Gold Leaf Medallion Accent

Above ^^ Shell & Ribbon Gilding      Distressed Silver Leaf finished Bedside Stand

Gold Leaf Ribbons in 22K Moon Gold


Flat Gilding - 22.75 Karat Moon-Gold in Ceiling panels - Private Residence

Shell Gilding with Mural

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