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Buon Fresco  

This sample simulates a frescoed wall, though 'Buon Fresco' or true fresco may be achieved on a wall with the addition of a light plaster finish and water based paints, offering a gorgeous & antiquated base for a landscape or still life.  NOTE: Frescoed wall surfaces, unlike painted walls, serve to improve their appearance with age.  Soil and cracking being more of an advantage on a frescoed surface than any other wall finish.


     Painted Stencil Damask         Click to see a full view

This extraordinary painted effect is achieved with the application of an original stencil design over a         3 color Strie'.   The resulting walls display a sheen effect reminiscent of damask. The award winning work in this living room of the stunning Potomac, MD mansion may be seen on the Award Winning Work pages of this web site.

Painted Stripes

Buon Fresco appreciates the incomparable elegance achieved with painted stripes and employs variations on the base theme by applying alternating sheen stencils designs between the stripes, giving the wall the appearance of a damask stripe fabric.  Buon Fresco also designs striped Damask walls in Venetian Plaster. To see Venetian Plaster Damask Stripes,  click Venetian Plaster Effects.   C'est bon!

Frank Lloyd Wright Wall Decoration Click picture to see full view.

At one time or another, Buon Fresco's has been given unusual challenges by their imaginative clients.  This homeowner wanted to spruce up barren kitchen walls with a Frank Lloyd Wright "design". Buon Fresco's answer was a detailed painting of lines and faux glass pieces that ran the perimeter of the room.  Using gold leaf, acrylic and glazed paints, and borrowing from the surrounding colors, the resulting design is a breakfast room eye-opener.