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 Beginning July 2017 the Academy of Wall Artistry will be closing its doors.

Classes scheduled for June will be conducted as listed.  Registrations will continue to be taken.

Classes on the schedule for September are hereby cancelled.

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"Knowledge is wealth!  I leave here a very wealthy man.  These classes were worth far more than I paid for them.  Not a day went by where I wasn't learning amazing new things.  You left no stone unturned.  I'd never have believed I could learn this much. Trying to learn on my own was like trying to reinvent the wheel.  It was 40 years of repeating my work and never rising to a new level.  For anyone in this business - THIS is the place to learn!  The classes were phenomonal!"   Lloyd C.  Vanouver, BC  Canada


'I have studied many techniques for Venetian Plaster but must say The Buon Fresco method is by far superior.  The work is easier and the result is far more beautiful than any other method. There is simply none that can compare with the Buon Fresco technique.  It is the Rolls Royce of Venetian Plaster work.    Chris Adams, San Francisco CA

 "I took your COLOR and Venetian Plaster classes in 2010, and have been busy using my skills ever since!  The training from the COLOR class comes into use CONSTANTLY!  I even have interior designers who lean on me for advice."  Eric Albach, St. Louis MO Told to Academy in 2014

"I am doing a LOT of plaster. VPI is the BEST CLASS!  I've used my training CONSTANTLY since I took your classes 7 years ago!"  Christine Reeder, Ammon, ID  Told to Academy in 2014

The Academy of Wall Artistry has been the premier training center for the Decorative Arts since 1997.  Located just outside of the nation's Capitol, The Academy has been turning out some of the most successful decorative artists in the US and  *12 nations; and has earned the admiration of artists from all over the world. 

A member of the International Salon of Decorative Artists said,  following his classes,  "I feel like I've been working in the dark all these years".  M. Colkette

Graduates contact us and testify to contracts procured right out of class based on boards from their just completed courses; And still others have won awards and prestige in their own areas based on work they've done after learning here (Visit our Grad Brag Page to learn more)

It's about innovation  and excellence of which Buon Fresco AND The Academy have set a standard recognized the world over.  We invite you to join our international roster of successful graduates.  Private classes may be scheduled to suit your professional schedule.   

Academy Graduates are practicing their trade in:

  1. The UK

  2. Canada

  3. India

  4. Russia

  5. Australia

  6. St. Thomas the Virgin Islands

  7. The Netherland Antilles   

  8. Puerto Rico  

  9. Korea

  10. Africa

  11. Iran

  12. Africa

  13. 38 US States and counting..          

See Grad work below and right:

Academy Graduate Michael Gross winning a cash prize and local    recognition for his Venetian Plaster work.

Academy Graduate, Donna Mock, won a cash prize and news article in her town, for the beauty of these walls in Albany New York


    ABOVE & Right- Academy Graduate Tom Henman's stunning Work in Venetian Plaster



Venetian Plaster on Columns














For Tuition and Materials details visit: Tuition & Materials Page


Letter Color pic.jpg


 Tuition $490 - Materials $55

Get the Painting, Decorative Finishing and Venetian Plaster jobs you are losing for lack of COLOR Skills!

The COLOR Intensive is the most important class we teach.  Our grads go home 'whistling all the way' as one homeowner from Potomac MD, reported to us after graduating COLOR. Or they swear that 'They can DO this!," as a house flipper/designer declared.

 Everyone tells us that they will "never look at color or design the same way again". 

Our COLOR graduates affirm that this class ENABLES them to see, interpret, apply and mix color as never before in their professional lives.  It gives them confidence to go toe to toe with any homeowner, designer, architect or decorative professional that they may have the chance to work with. 

COLOR is the ESSENTIAL start of all decorative labors as music lessons are to the musician.  Learn how to play COLOR as a concert pianist plays music. 


Buon Fresco 1 color Venetian Plaster High Polish.jpg.


 2 Day Course Tuition $550 - Materials $175 (Includes 20 ml MIXOL Set of 25 colors)  (VPI is prerequisite to the advanced VP Courses )

The VPI Class is the Academy's most popular and successful course.  We base that claim on the number of graduates who go home to successful and profitable careers after this one class alone.  This is also the class which proves the beauty and profitability of the Synthetic Italian Plaster 'Decor' Synthetic'.   Over a foundation of this finish, a wide variety of finishes is possible.  It is just the beginning of good things.

The VPI Class teaches "How to apply Italian Plasters"

  •  with NO Blade Marks

  • with NO Sanding

  • with Natural looking undulation

  • with a surface from wall to wall, ceiling to floor - as smooth as glass

  • with a groundwork that is perfect for marbling, stenciling, tiling - or any other such design in plaster that you choose.

 Combine this with COLOR and some advanced VP classes and you are bound to succeed!


Letter Stencil.jpg


Tuition $495 - Materials $100  - (Includes $90 Acanthus Leaf Stencil   - Shown left)

This course features the techniques which have landed this studio in more magazine editorials than any other finish we do! 

Graduates of this course have gone home and sold jobs right off of the sample boards they created in class right down to the colors in the Stencil design.  A Grad of this course went home and won a contract doing walls for Victoria's Secret Catalogs!  Graduates of this course have gone home to win contracts doing State buildings, have won newspaper editorials and prizes in their respective towns.  What can you win? 

You have everything to win and nothing to lose, as your first job can be worth 1000% or more than the cost of this extraordinary class.




      Tuition $400 - No Materials (Includes Syllabus)

Don't lose a sale, or a profit again.  Learn the basics for setting up your decorative art business and executing it profitably.  Learn how to use documents such as proposals, progressive work invoices, addendi and change orders to protect your business from loss. 

One student, Oscar, opined that had he taken this class BEFORE he took on a contract, he'd have saved himself THOUSANDS of dollars in contract error losses.  But that's just the Business half of the class.  The MARKETING Half is designed to EARN you thousands of dollars in gains!


LETTER column.jpgLETTER Column Roman Sicilia.jpg


Tuition $1,090 - Materials $250 (Includes Chiqueteur Marbling Brush worth $145) 

< Portoro in VP                        Roman Sicilia in VP>

Learn how to finish Italian Plaster to look like most any authentic Marble type, on both Walls and Columns!  The class features 4 - 5 Marble styles which cover the techniques necessary to duplicate most any Marble. 

Here's just 2 of the success stories reported to the Academy by our grads:

  • Victor & Ronald returned to NYC after taking VPIII and won a contract doing EIGHT THOUSAND Square feet of Marble for a NYC Synagague.   $$$

  • Chery went home to Plano TX and won a $25,000 contract finishing Marble Columns for a commercial site there.   $$

What will your success story be?



 Tuition $550 - Materials $50                                      
Advanced  Marbling in Venetian Plaster.. There's nothing quite like it.. besides real marble.  :>)

The Venetian Plaster IV Advanced Class on Marbling in Venetian Plaster has been called 'The Rolls Royce of Faux Marble. The techniques effect a Marble so realistic that it amazes the people in every sphere of design.

Buon Fresco has received as much as $75 Per Square Foot for this amazing finish.



Learn The following Gilding Styles:

Tuition $550 - Mat - $210 (Includes Genuine 22 Karat Gold & 5 Sample Pieces)   



You will learn:

  • 1. Flat Gilding; For Walls, Ceilings, Furniture, Paintings
  • 2. Ribbon Gilding; Crown Molding, Art Frames, Furniture, Millwork & Trim
  • 3. Ornate Gilding;  Frames, Cornices, Swags, Capitols and other Ornate elements
  • 4. Tip Gilding;  Detail enhancement in Frames, Millwork and Furniture
  • 5. Flash Gilding;  Budget Gilding for any and all of the above

In a word, you will learn the Gamut of Decorative Gilding for Walls, Trim, Mirrors, Frames, Architectural Elements & Furniture.  There is nothing in design like real gold.

The VP-V -
BACKSPLASH & TILE CLASS    $495  Materials $55 

Add a whole new elegant element to your portfolio of offerings to architects, designers and custom home builders, effortlessly. You'll not only be adding an entire new portfolio item, you're adding a new member to your professional team.  Now in addition to architects, designers, custom home builders, you can form an alliance with Kitchen Designer Stores. This finish is an ideal compliment to any new kitchen, especially when the client is not prepared for the higher prices of marble and ceramic backsplashes, in that it offers a waterproof and very real looking tile imitation.  (VPI Prerequisite)

VP as TILE and Backsplash



Tuition $650 - Materials $175 (Includes 20 ml MIXOL Set of 25 colors) 


LEATHER Graygreen2.jpg


"I'm going home and throwing away all 12 boards from the classes I took in England.  From now on I'm only going to show the ACADEMY samples to my clients'."
Lazarus Xavier C.  London, UK

This, Faux Leather, is the finish that won the regard of a Buon Fresco client who had 'seen it all', owning a 4,000 SF Washington DC apartment, a 500 Acre Middleburg Farm, a Castle in Turkey and a home in San Tropez, France.  They had 'never seen a painted finish as extraordinary' and commissioned it for their homes!

   LIMESTONE in Venetian Plaster

NEW  Venetian Plaster Intensive VI  LIMESTONE & CONCRETE Class -

1 -Day   Tuition -  $495 Materials fee  $65  

This unusual Finish was applied to a boring dark Red Brick Lobby (over skim coated walls) in Fairfax Virginia.  The commercial tenants were stunned!  We transformed the place into a museum quality Limestone Block edifice using this Limestone & Concrete Class techniques.  See photo below.





NEW  Venetian Plaster Intensive VII  Cashmere Texture -  A FINISH TO LOVE!

The cashmere Texture is a Beautiful & Simple 3 Step Venetian Plaster Finish - There are NO prerequisites for this class. 

The technique is much simpler than any Venetian Plaster/ Marmorino that you have ever done!  You can do this right out of the Gate, and amaze your clients!  It's beautiful, easy to do, profitable!

1 -Day   Tuition -  $495 Materials fee  $65 

  • MIXOL Universal Tints are needed for all of the VP series courses. Either bring your set from VPI, or Mixol Sets will be available to purchase in 20 ML and 200 ML size bottles. Individual replacement colors will  also be available. 


    Offered by Request ONLY 1-Day  Tuition -$350 Materials fee $ 40

    Do you like to draw faces?  Have you ever wondered how a caricaturist does it?  Well, IT can be taught!  And Victoria is just the person to teach it, having drawn her first caricatures in 1976 for the Syracuse University Student Newspaper 'The Daily Orange', later for Fort Jackson's 2nd Bn., D Company in 1978.. and in finally on the NYC party art circuit from 1980 on.  Victoria draws a crowd.  The scion of Caricature, David Levine himself, admired her art, lending her useful advice at the time - "Fix your eyes on your subject, and be honest not kind.  They'll love you for it".   She has, and they have.



          Andre Kouznetsov Mural Art

    Shown Above - 4 Panel Mural Painting by Andre Nikolaevich Kouznetsov, of "The Grand Canal" after Giovanni Canaletto. The Mural was painted on canvas, cut into 4 sections and hung in the palatial residence in Potomac MD, where you see it here.

    Andre's newest Mural Class will be held in June 2017, where he will demonstrate the painting of a Moscow Cathedral and Street scene.

    Write or call for further information or to reserve a space.


    Artists are to bring their own stretched canvas, or materials for stretching. Canvas may be supplied upon request. If you prefer it to be supplied to you, please contact us for a quote.



    See Tuition & Materials details @ Tuition & Materials page.



Finally, after you Graduate, Additional FINISHES can come to you!!

Visit The FINISH LINE for information about INSTRUCTIONS that Grads

can order to study at home.  For more info or to order call: 888 637-3726



To receive an information packet and/or a schedule of upcoming classes send your request to: Decorative  

For more information/ Dates, or to Register for classes Call: (888) 637-3726