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  • In the classes Students are supplied with the finest materials to produce professional quality sample boards. 

  • Class Materials are provided for course fees. Please review the individual courses for more detailed material information.

  • All decorative courses are conducted using MIXOL Universal tints.   Unless you have one to bring with you to class, a Set of MIXOLs will be provided with the VPI Class materials.

  • Mixols are a top quality - German engineered - Universal tinting system and may be used to tint: Latex, Water & Oil based Paints, Lime and Synthetic Italian Plasters, Varnishes, Glazes, and Waxes.

  • Students will be required to bring a MIXOL Set to each class or purchase a MIXOL Set with their materials. 


NOTE:  We strongly recommended that any training program begins with the COLOR Intensive Course.


Essential Color Intensive Course  2-Days   Tuition -  $490   Materials fee  $55  

You will learn how to mix any of the 7 million colors in existence.  Like math having only a few primary numbers, so does color.  It is the formulas that matter.  You will also learn how to play color chords.  Like music, you will not win an audience one note at a time.

Materials supplied include: Paint and disposables as required to complete curriculum in Color training. 


Venetian Plaster Intensive I  2 -Days   Tuition -  $550 /  Materials fee - $175

Materials fee  -$175- includes: Set of 20 oz Mixol Universal tints in 25 Colors;  6 Sample Boards Substrates; Quart of Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster; all disposable materials and use of tools necessary materials to complete 6 Professional Quality Sample Boards. 


  • 3/8th inch drywall is provided in each class for use as a substrate.  Alternatives are not recommended.

  • DO NOT bring polystyrene or illustration board which surfaces are NOT suitable for instruction.


  • VP-I is prerequisite to all other VP classes, VPI must be taken before VPII OR VPIII OR IV


Venetian Plaster Intensive II  Stenciling in Venetian Plaster  1-Day  Tuition -  $495  Materials fee of  $100 (includes Acanthus Leaf Stencil - Retail value $90)

[Please NOTE:  While in class students will receive a 50% discount on stencils in stock.   [Prerequisite Course - Venetian Plaster I]    

MATERIALS NOTES:  In the VP Stenciling Course Students will receive the following:

  1. 19 x 30" Acanthus Leaf Stencil (Retail $90) included in course materials fee.

  2. Quart of a Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster; Sample Boards and disposables.

  3. Students will continue to use the MIXOL Tint set received in VPI class.


Venetian Plaster Intensive III Finishing Faux Marble Columns with Venetian Plaster 3-Days Course -  Tuition  $1090 /  Materials fee  $250*   See details below     

[Prerequisite Venetian Plaster I applies for this course.]    

MATERIALS NOTES: For the VP Marbling on Columns Course Students need to BRING or PURCHASE the following:              

  • MIXOL Universal Tints are needed for this course. [Received in VPI Class] 

  • Materials fees provide for:  1 Chiqueteur Marbling Brush -from Pierre Finkelstein Studios; Quart of Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster;  Sample Boards; and disposable materials  necessary to complete 4 to 5 Professional Quality Sample Boards. 


 NEW  Venetian Plaster Intensive IV    Advanced Faux Marble in Venetian Plaster            1-Day   Tuition -  $550   Materials fee  $50

  • MIXOL Universal Tints are needed for this course. [Received in VPI Class]  Mixol replacement colors are available for purchase. 

  • Materials fees provide for:  Quart of Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster; all Sample Board substrates and disposable materials  necessary to complete 1 Professional Quality Faux Marble-Sample Boards.  (Bring MIXOL tints, and Marbling Brushes or Tools issued in previous classes)


NEW  Venetian Plaster Intensive V   Backsplash Class - Learn to Apply Italian Plasters in a mirror smooth -  water-proof  TILE application  that shows nuance, translucency, and multiple colors as elected,    

VPI Prerequisite Applies.

1-Day   Tuition -  $495  Materials fee  $55

  • MIXOL Universal Tints are needed for this course. Bring your set from VPI.  If necessary Mixol Sets will be available to purchase in 20 ML and 200 ML size bottles. Individual replacement colors will  also be available. 

  • Materials fees provide for:  Quart of Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster; all Sample Board substrates and disposable materials  necessary to complete 1 - 2 Professional Quality Backsplash Board. 


NEW  Venetian Plaster Intensive VI  LIMESTONE & CONCRETE Class -

1 -Day   Tuition -  $500 Materials fee  $65  

MIXOL Universal Tints are needed for this course. Bring your set from VPI.  Replacement sets - and/or individual colors will be available for purchase.


NEW  Venetian Plaster Intensive VII  Cashmere Texture -  A Beautiful & Simple 3 Step Venetian Plaster Finish - There are NO prerequisites for this class.  The technique is much simpler than any Marmorino finish that you have ever done!

1 -Day   Tuition -  $500 Materials fee  $65  

  • MIXOL Universal Tints are needed for this course. Bring your set from VPI.  If necessary Mixol Sets will be available to purchase in 20 ML and 200 ML size bottles. Individual replacement colors will  also be available. 


Decorative Painting I   2-Days    Tuition -  $750   Materials fee   $75   [Mixol Tint Sets are required for this course. Please see Materials notes above for more details or purchasing information ] 4 Illustration Boards will be provided along with a Wood Molding Sample, all paints, varnishes, glazes and materials necessary to produce 5 professional caliber sample boards.


Decorative Painting II  LEATHER  and GOLD DUST 2-days Tuition - $900   Materials fee - $90  [ Mixol Tint Sets are required for this course. Please see Materials notes above for more details or purchasing information ] 4 Illustration Boards will be provided along with paints, varnishes, glazes and materials necessary to produce 4 professional Caliber Sample Boards. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Gold Leafing / Gilding  2-Days  Tuition -  $550  Materials fee   $250  Materials Fees for the Gold Leaf Course include 5 Creative elements to Gild; 22 Karat Gold Leaf; all varnishes and materials required to complete 5 professional Samples.


Offered by Request ONLY;

1-Day  Tuition -  $350   Materials fee $ 40

Do you like to draw faces?  Have you ever wondered how a 'Quick Draw' rendition artist (caricaturist) does it?  Well, 'IT' can be taught!  And Victoria is just the person to teach it; having drawn her first caricatures in 1976 for the Syracuse University Student Newspaper 'The Daily Orange', and in Army Basic training in 1978.. and in NYC till 1991, and up to the present time on an intermittent basis. 


Marketing & Business Class     1-Day  $400     Tuition -  call for December tuition cost.   No Materials fee


Painting Murals on walls & canvas    (Taught by Andre Nikolaevich Kouznetsov)  5-Days  - Tuition -  $900  Materials fee  $ 65





A GREAT VALUE!  The Trilogy of Intensive Classes is comprised of the 3 classes listed below  priced at $100 less per course than if registered for - individually.   Please note that there are no substitutions for the listed classes and that, while COLOR is an option - it is highly recommended for high end success in the business of decorative art. .There is not specific order in which the Trilogy Courses must be taken. It is suggested however that COLOR always be taken first as the training will enormously enhance the success of the subsequent courses. Trilogy may be taken in consecutive order or course dates may be selected individually according to their availability each month.

  • 6 - Days  of the 3- Critical Foundational Classes of the Decorative Art Professional. [Curriculum is appropriate for Beginner as well as Advanced Artists]:  1] Venetian Plaster I - 2-Days,  2] Decorative Painting I - 2 Days;  3] Gold & Metal  Leafing - 2 Days

NOTE: The Trilogy discount applies to this combination of courses only.  There are no substitutions of courses.           

  • TRILOGY OF DECORATIVE COURSES Tuition - $1,650   Total Materials 3 Classes - $400 -  TOTAL  $2,050

  • TRILOGY of DECORATIVE COURSES + COLOR - Tuition $2,200   Total Materials 4 Classes $475  - TOTAL $2,675




Foundational through Advanced Classes of Venetian Plaster Series: Venetian Plaster I;  Venetian Plaster II; Venetian Plaster III; The Essential COLOR INTENSIVE; Venetian Plaster IV

  • VP I,II,III [$2,050] Minus $100-per-class Trilogy discount  [- $300] + Materials for 3 Classes - $480  = $2,230             

  • VP I, II, III + COLOR [$2,700] Minus $100-per-class Trilogy discount [- $400] + Materials for 4 Classes - $535  = $2,835

  • VP I, II, III + COLOR + VP- IV [$3,450] Minus $100-per-class Trilogy discount [- $500] + Materials for 4 Classes - $590  = $3,540

***[Please see materials notes above for details _________________________________________________________________________________________________



  • VP-I  Basic Intensive

  • VP-II Stenciling in Plaster

  • VP-III - Marbling in Plaster

  • Gold & Metal Leafing

  • Decorative Painting

Includes Trilogy Decorative Paint Courses, Trilogy Plaster Courses  + COLOR  [Does NOT include VP-4 or 5]

Total Tuition + Materials less Trilogy Discounts - $4,865


Private Instruction of the Buon Fresco techniques is taught by Victoria Bingham and is available for any number of persons.  The advantage of Private Instruction is being able to train WHEN and WHERE you need to.  Classes are based on a minimum of 2.5 times the group tuition rate, or 250% of a group tuition ticket. You'll have the option of course of bringing additional people to bring individual tuition cost down. Classes are planned based on a mutually agreeable schedule.

1. 888.637.3726

** In an 'Open' Private class, Buon Fresco reserves the right to advertise and add students - however no more than 4 students total will be in a complete private class having reduced training time.  Additional students will register at the scale as shown above. Should additional students register the original registrant's tuition will remain the same. The original registrant maintains the right to set the class dates. The studio however must be amenable to the schedule for the class to move forward.

*** Closed Class refers to a student who wishes to set both the date of instruction and be taught privately without other students being added to the class.


 Instruction in the Buon Fresco systems and techniques is taught by Victoria Bingham and is available for groups in your area with the following criteria:

  • Minimum of *6 students are assembled

  • Housing for 2 persons are arranged for

  • Appropriate training space is supplied

  • The Academy will arrange for materials shipment and personnel transportation costs.

For further information please call the studio at: 1.888.637.3726

The person arranging the Away Class for a given locality will receive 50% off of tuition costs for themselves, with complimentary tuition after 7 - 10 students are registered.

*The Academy reserves the right to offer this Training or not, based on arrangements, the home school schedule and the cost of moving the class to the location in question.


  • Generally,  A color class will be closely scheduled with the Venetian Plaster or Decorative Painting Classes - as the information in the Color Class is invaluable in the understanding and production of high quality work.

  • Venetian Plaster Marbling Columns Classes are always scheduled to follow the Venetian Plaster I course as the specific technique for plaster application taught in the basic course is critical to the correct application of plaster on columns. 

  • Any class may be run by request, when scheduling permits, with a minimum of 4 students.  For less than 6 students class time may be abbreviated.

To register: 

  1. Print out registration card, fill in required information, send by fax or post to: The Academy of Wall Artistry, 6442 Overlook Drive, Alexandria, VA 22312, please include your deposit (50% of total tuition only) with credit card information.  If paying by check, make check payable to Buon Fresco, LLC.

  2. The Fax Number for Registering is: 703.333-2720

  3. Registrations may also be phoned in by calling: 703.333-2720

  4. Be sure to read the School policies below.

SCHOOL Policies:

  • Reservation policy: seats are filled in the order in which registration is received and class size is limited.   For this reason we cannot register a student by email.  Please use the phone, fax or mail to submit a registration. 

  • Unless a specific class date is given, dates are set according to demand.  A class posting, therefore, may be requested.

  • Your confirmed registration will be sent by way of a welcome packet. 

  • You will be notified by phone if you do not receive your first or second class choice. If we are unable to accommodate a first choice or alternate choice class date within a 2-month period, you may request to have first choice on a future date, or a deposit refund.

  • Buon Fresco makes every effort to accommodate a student's need to change a class date.  Please note however, that class deposits are non refundable if the change is within 14 days of the start date of the original class.

  • Refunds for student precipitated class-cancellations within 3 days of registering are 100% of deposit paid.  After 3 days, refunds are processed within 30 days and are levied a $50 administrative fee per class for processing.   Deposits are refunded at a rate of 50% after 30 days following registration or within 14 days of the start date of a class.  Deposits for No-shows - or cancellations within 13 days of a class are non refundable.

  • Buon Fresco and The Academy of Wall Art reserve the right to postpone or cancel a class if it in the best interest of the studio. In such cases a full refund will be given if registered students do not elect to take a different date.

  • Group rates for 4 or more students are available upon request.

  • Private and Group Classes are scheduled at the discretion of the  Academy.  Please phone or fax your proposal to the numbers below.

  • 'REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS': The Academy Courses and printed material enjoy copyright protection.  Please Do not bring cameras or recording equipment to class.  Students found to be recording or photographing the studio, or the classes, or found to be removing items from the studio will be asked to leave the class.  In such instances tuition payments will be forfeited.

  We look forward to making  your acquaintance!


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