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The 3 Finishes that make up the EXOTIC Finishes or Decorative Painting II Course, are all gorgeous, realistic and elegant surfaced paintings that build on the finishes in the Academy's Decorative Painting I Intensive.

The Leather Boards and projects shown    are finished over the 'Scumble Glaze' taught in the Decorative Painting I Class.  A realistic Leather may also be achieved over the 'Stippling' taught in the DP I class. 

The Beauty of the Leather finish is its remarkable 'FEEL' and the uncanny way that the technique taught results in deep Leather 'Cracks' that have the appearance of actual aged animal skin.

Our FAUX STONE or FROTTAGE technique has the genuine look of Limestone or a Split Rock having 'facets' of light!   It also has a remarkably smooth feel.  Clients always marvel over this finish that is the mainstay of the Buon Fresco Studios.  You will marvel at how simple it is to effect and how utterly useful.

The GOLD DUST FINISH is just gorgeous.  It may be as subtle or dramatic as you please!  And it is the answer to glazing over a dark paint. 

This subtle Gilded finish also improves on the situation where GOLD is desirable on the walls, but an aluminum foil effect is not.

The Columns [shown left] are finished with polished/ tinted Venetian Plaster as Marble.  [Taught in VP Marbling Class]


Finish #1 of the Exotic Finishes Class: Faux Red Leather - Dramatic

What the photo doesn't show is the remarkable likeness to leather that the feel of this finish has.  Effected with no less than 9 coats of paint and varnishes, the results are so leather like and beautiful, they're worth the sweat and time required to achieve them. 

see photo below of leather focal wall.


Above:  Focal Point wall finished in extraordinarily authentic Faux Leather, Matte Finish as seen on Corcoran Gallery Tour of New Architectural Works in Washington DC.  June 2005

            CLOSE UP OF FAUX LEATHER SAMPLE BOARD Leather may be left shiny as above, or finished Matte [scroll down for images]  The 9 layer finish actually FEELS like leather, and is cracked like real leather to boot!   NOTE: Finish [Left & Above] is among those that won for Buon Fresco the prestigious '2005 Excellence in Design Award' as featured in the December 2005 Walls & Ceilings Magazine.   


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Photo ABOVE^  Gold Dusting over Color in elegant Powder Room             Above^ STUDENT SAMPLES from DPII class July 11, 12, 2007  


                                         Above ^^ Frottage Finish in a Grand Foyer and Stairwell   Photo Left <<  Frottage technique
<< Photo Left   Stencil over Frottage                                    Photo Above ^^ Sampling of Sample Boards with Myriad Elegant finishes.    


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