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A total of 7 days of Top Drawer Training for Decorative Artists, Designers/ Homeowners/ Contractors
Anyone who would like to raise the standard of their portfolio offerings.

These are classes for serious professionals who prefer to work with top
professionals in architecture, building, and interior design.

Email us for details at:
Or Call: 1-888-637-3726

The Designers & Critics Speak about the Fine Decorative Arts, & Italian Plaster Designs of Buon Fresco:

"Utterly Impressive."

- Sims Bray, Publisher, Veranda Magazine

"Victoria is the best colorist I have ever known."

- Alice Busch, Great Falls Distinctive Interiors

"Buon Fresco is set apart by their ability to do any type of work, by attention to detail,
their sense of color and design, by the best Venetian Plaster, period!"

- Justine Sancho, Washington Designer Hall of Fame

"Buon Fresco ALWAYS goes beyond what is expected from them.
As an interior Designer, they make my firm look good.
I highly recommend these very special people as professionals in their art - as well as their integrity, honesty and professionalism."

- Ellen Schwartz, Design Group, Inc.

"Andre goes beyond your imagination - a fine art painter of exceptional ability and talent."

- Marge Nanni Interiors

"At the finest hotels in Venice, the Regina & Europa and the Danieli, I saw walls that gleamed with the glamour of real Italian Plaster.
I looked for this in the United States without success... until I saw Buon Fresco's Italian Plaster work."

- Roy Lykes Interior Design

"Our design for a modern apartment flat in a prestigious building in Georgetown is articulated by carefully modulated floor finishes,
strategic disposition of ceiling panels and the use of bold color elements
to create a flow of space and organization that belies the expansive floor plan on one level.
Victoria Bingham, of Buon Fresco was a pleasure to work with and the results were stunning."

- Richard Williams Architects

The Clients Speak:

"People walk into my home and the first thing that happens, is their mouths fall open.
Then the compliments begin.
Thank You Victoria, there is nothing like the results of Buon Fresco that I have ever seen."

- Dolores Flowers, MD

"Every time I go into the beautiful rooms that you did for us I feel so lucky!"

- Marcia Carlucci, Mclean VA

"Victoria is the most outstanding and creative artistic painter around!
She possesses unbelievable color sense, her execution of faux painting techniques stand without competition in the industry."

- Fran Tannenbaum, Fairfax VA

"The Venetian Plaster in my Master Bathroom still looks like it was done yesterday."

- Blanche Moore, Mclean VA

(10 years later.)

"The Venetian Plaster in my home looks like it was done yesterday."

- Rachel Sullivan, Potomac MD

(Responding to a magazine interview about the durability of Venetian Plaster – 14 years after its installation by Buon Fresco.)

"Why didn't we find you first!"

- Brian Nimmo, Reston VA

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Timeless.   Affordable.

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