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Below - Waxed Stencil Design

Below - Plastered Stencil Design


At the recent July, 2008 SALI Convention, Charleston SC, we received our first testimonial as an Artist commented the day after purchasing her first Mushroom to stencil with:  'I LOVE IT! It's so easy and effective! Thank you!'



Since the day when the doors of Buon Fresco Wall Artistry opened, the founder, Victoria Bingham, has developed exquisite techniques that won the studio numerous awards, an abundance of media attention and an international following of clients and students.

Many of these techniques were made possible by the development of precision decorative art tools.  Some of these fine tools include:

  • THE BLUE TOOLTM  A Venetian Plaster tool for precise applications of Venetian Plaster to rounded surfaces such as Groin Vault Ceilings, Niches, Domed Ceilings and Columns - for marbling or just polishing.  Also check in with our..


  • THE MUSHROOMTM  Precision Stenciling tool for rendering of sharply defined patterns over a base of paint or glaze; or over Venetian Plaster - using either tinted Plaster or Wax.
  • THE MARBLING BLOCK  A Marbling Tool  made of the softest /most absorbent - highest quality fine foam designed to paint and finesse large drifts of color across wall sized Venetian Plaster - faux marble - slabs.
  • For ORIGINAL Stencil Designs, scroll down or visit our special STENCIL DESIGNS  page.

Polished Venetian Plaster on Niche Interior in white and Rotunda Walls finished as Marble.    Photo RIGHT >




BUON FRESCO has specialized in original stencil design for 17 years. We love stencils  which, at a reasonable cost, add tremendously to the impact of a wall finish. 

Our stencils are laser cut from 7 Mil Mylar, and are pattern designed so that they may be moved around a room for flow & connectivity purposes, and used up to 5 times during a project.










Our Featured Design - 'Renaissance Acanthus Leaf' The Stencil is laser cut from 7mils thick Mylar and is available in 2 sizes including:

  • Large - 30" X48" -  $175

  • Med -   30" x 19" -  $90

  • Custom sizes may be ordered to fit a specific height and width - priced individually

Distributor inquiries welcome.

Photo Right>> Walls finished with tinted Wax 'Mushroomed' through an Acanthus Leaf Stencil  over a base of smooth Venetian Plaster

(For more information on Buon Fresco's exquisite ''Venetian Plaster Stenciling' [VPII] Course - please visit the course page by clicking: STENCILING COURSE  To register call 1.888.637.3726 or email us at:

The BLUE TOOLTM  [patent pending]

Tool for plastering Columns, Niches, Groin Vaults, and other such Curved surfaces with Venetian Plaster.

How it works; The Blue Tool is a stiff Flexible pad - that conforms to a curve while pulling Venetian Plaster. Two Layers are applied after which the dry Plaster may be burnished waxed and polished to a high shine. [Photo shows tool being used with Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster]


For complete training in Marbling Columns with Venetian Plaster call for upcoming dates to register for Buon Fresco's 'VP- III COLUMNS  COURSE'  featuring 5 Specific MARBLES and multiple techniques.

To register call the studio at - 888. 637. 3726   or email us at

Photo Below: Detail of Acanthus Leaf Stencil applied as tinted Wax over Kolcaustico Plaster.[see stencil illustration < left] 








< Left - Iron Gate Leaf Design of Tinted Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster Stenciled over base of Venetian Plaster using the MushroomTM Tool.

The MUSHROOMTM          [patented]

The Mushroom is an extraordinary stenciling applicator designed to apply, finesse, and burnish paint, plaster or wax medium through a stencil, all the while the tool is actually holding the edges of the stencil in place while you work!

You'll be amazed at how quick and accurate the process of stenciling your walls and surfaces will become!  Note: The Mushroom is washable & reusable when used with latex or water based products.   Mushrooms come in a set of 3- sizes, in a 'faux silk' pouch for air drying the mushrooms after cleaning.

The Mushroom's remarkable design affords a precision result with razor sharp registration lines even while applying Venetian Plaster over Venetian Plaster.  [see example photo left]

The Mushroom also works FAST!  The stencil tools come in 2 sizes;  a smaller tool to accommodate the tiniest details of your most intricately cut stencil design, and a large size to rapidly fill in areas of a larger stencil design.


 Firs Introduced at the SALI Convention in Charleston, SC to a wildly enthusiastic reception - The Mushroom gets testimonies all the time such as these told to us at the show:   

  •  "These tools are great!  That's the best stenciling tool I've ever seen!'  R.J.

  • 'I LOVE IT! It's dynamically effective! Thank you!'   A.Y.

For many years Buon Fresco artists have used The MUSHROOM for our award winning Venetian Plaster and Painted Stencil applications

 Find out just how easy it is to achieve the same great results! $21 for 3 applicators. [shipping is extra]

Try ALL THREE ProductsToday -


  • 1 MUSHROOM [Large]-  $  9

  • 1 BLUE TOOL             $12

  • 1 Quart Decor Synthetic  $ 28  .................................  $48 + S&H


Try Our Decor Best SYNTHETIC Today!

 The Answer is YES! You can now try our Decor Synthetic Venetian Plaster - 

QUART SIZE for $28

(Ask for it TINTED to your Fan Deck color - $48)                                                                        

Right > Glazed Walls Finished with Stencil Design by applying Mixol tinted Satin Oil Varnish through an original Buon Fresco Stencil Design, using the Mushroom Tool.    

1[888] 637-3726

This stencil design is also available for sale. Visit the STENCIL PAGE for more information



For more information about stencils or to see more designs visit our STENCIL STORE.


View to the full Stenciled Room  featuring the 'Rose Design' by Buon Fresco  

              Buon Fresco's


           Extra Long Open Time  -         Water Based GLAZE


Try a Gallon Today - WATERMAX

What have we done with Watermax?  Easier to tell what haven't we done with Watermax!

Buon Fresco has finished thousands of square feet of Glazing to include Scumble Glazing with cheesecloth, Strie' - a Fine Brushed finish [usually suicidal to attempt with anything but an Oil Glaze] and Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes over Wood. We finished the majority of the Saudi Arabian Ambassador's residence in Virginia using Water Max!

  • This glaze stays open longer than oil, yet it dries smooth and soft like an oil glaze! 

  • The Glaze may be RE-WORKED just like oil!  If you miss or mess up, just wipe it off or roll over it, and start again!  Try that with Latex!  With Watermax you get the benefit of an Oil Glaze without the solvents or the fumes!

Once you try Water Max - Extended Open Time Water Based Paint Glaze, we guarantee you'll never return to Oil or Latex Glazes !

  • Quart of  WATERMAX - $35

  • Gallon of WATERMAX - $59



Professional Size - 200 ML Mixol Set 1 - 24

Sold Individually or In Sets


Buon Fresco is a proud distributor of top quality MIXOL Universal Tints and

DECOR' Venetian Plasters. 

Mixol Set of 24 Colors - 20 ML Bottles $130

            Academy Graduates receive a 10% discount on Kolcaustico and Full Mixol Sets

 Discounted MIXOL Universal Tint Sets

There is  no finer Universal Tint system in the world.  These highly concentrated colorants offer a superbly engineered system for calculating and mixing precision colors and are miscible in both solvent and water based paints, Venetian Plasters, varnishes, waxes and more.

  • 200 ML Bottles  Colors 1 - 12  / $540

  • 200 ML Bottles  Colors 13- 24  / $480

  •  ......20 ML Bottles  Colors 1 - 25  / $135   ....   

  • 500 ML Bottles Colors 1 - 12  $

  • 500 ML Bottles Colors 13 - 24  $

 Discounted MIXOL Individual Colors -          

200 ML SIZE 

  Call for list.

Decor Synthetic Venetian Plaster

Decor Venetian Plaster; this studios preferred Venetian Plaster, is  a top quality synthetic that tints beautifully, applies easily and burnishes to a high natural shine. This water based faux encaustic is odor free, durable enough for even commercial applications and is one of the most versatile plasters we have ever used. And it's Reasonably priced.

  • 1 Gallon Decor Synthetic - $80
  • 5 Gallon Decor Synthetic - $285
  • 2 Gallon Decor Synthetic - $305


Cotton Waste - Soft Cotton 'Million-Thread Wad for burnishing waxed plaster surfaces; Reusable  -

1 LB - $15 - 2 Lbs - $24

Liberon Paste Wax - Top Quality Furniture Paste Wax for sealing Venetian Plaster and increasing shine. Colors: Walnut, Neutral]       

500 ML Can - $28     - 5 Ltr Can - $143

Set of 4 Stainless Steel Trowels - $75            Stainless Steel Trowel - 4.75"....  $25           

Stainless Steel Trowel - 4" ........  $22    

Stainless Steel Trowel - 3" ........  $18

Permit us to introduce you to the best brush cleaner on earth.

Brush Flush is eco friendly, water based, smells good, works extremely well and re-usable!   Without any toxic or horrible odor, the orange smelling potion cleans like nothing I've ever seen!  Victoria

We brought $700 of ruined brushes back to life with $25 worth of cleaner!  And nobody had to faint in the process.  The stuff is worth its weight in gold!  

 Quart size $18      Gallon size $45   Order Here: BRUSH CLEAN


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  buon fresco, INC.

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1. 888.637.3726

Buon Fresco, Inc.  6442 oVERLOOK DRIVE, ALEXANDRIA VA 22312


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