THE Marketing & BUSINESS CLASS   - is the business of art


The 'Marketing & Business' Class covers the critical and most essential elements of the publication and execution of a professional decorative painting business; including the theoretical, legal and practical legs which both promote AND protect the business artist.  

MARKETING: Having a great mouse trap isn't enough.  The public needs to know it.  Getting the word out can be challenging since you are competing for attention in a world that is overwhelmed with infomertials and data.   Then even if you have an established clientelle, are you both optimizing that resource to its best potential and are you growing new business ? Are you maintaining your current levels at a rate of optimum profitability?

Granted, if you are a graduate of the excellour courses offered by the Academy, you already have a 'better    mouse trap to offer'. Congratulations, you are highly competitive!  But the promotion of that fact is key.             The Marketing & Business Course addresses the best methods of promotion for the best return for your dollar, both locally in print and internationally by way of the world wide web.  Don't be fooled!  The web is  your best medium today for attracting even a LOCAL following.  The Academy's Marketing & Business course has been developed over time to address this absolutely essential sphere of promotion.

BUSINESS OF THE BUSINESS:   The business portion of this important class covers the stages from initial contact of a client all the way to the completion of your work for the same.  No job is done, until the fat lady sings!  No, actually, it's till the paperwork is completed!    Your paperwork is your liaison, your ambassador, your guardian and your professional appearance. You will learn from the paper trail used by Buon Fresco studios and be issued an electronic file of all templates for your own business usage.  The list of those documents and a more detailed outline of this part of the class is below.



  • The stages of success from; obtaining a client, meeting a client, to writing a proposal and delivering the job.
  • Write Successful Proposals
  • Your Ground in Stone Policies - The Absolutely Essential things
  • Pricing � the Bottom Line
  • Deposits & Invoicing Policies
  • Sample Board Production & Policies
  • Marketing & Promotion Keys and Strategies
  • Marketing on the WEB!
  • Tips for visible web sites
  • Optimizing visibility
  • Photography and Portfolio Strategies
  • Advertising / When/ How/ Where
  • Trade Shows
  • Working with Designers & Architects
  • Employees & Hiring
  • Background Checking and your Legal Responsibilities
  • LEGAL issues
  • Business Ethics


  • Copies of Essential Forms Templates on a CD for your personal use including:
  1. Working Policies List [template]
  2. Sample Proposals
  3. Short Proposals [template]
  4. Long Proposals [template]
  5. Contract Templates
  6. Addendum  Template
  7. Change Order Template
  8. Simple  Invoice [template]
  9. Progressive Work Invoicing [template]
  10. Final Invoicing [template]
  • Resource Lists

The Academy of Wall Artistry is concerned with the well being of the faux finisher.  We believe that by setting protocols we help to raise standards.  Raising the standards of the industry also mean raising the standard of living of the faux finisher.

Every other home service industry, from the carpenter to the plumber and electrician has standards set which help to govern the rate of compensation, as well as the rules of fair practice.  It is our goal with the Business of the business class, to set the faux finisher on the road to achieving their well deserved place in the home service industry among the well compensated - well respected practitioners.

In addressing the needs of the successful artist, the Academy supplies helpful business directives, documents and procedures to; demonstrate the conduct of a professionally run business; protect the artist against loss; and provide essential guides and invaluable tips for the critical skills of promoting your business.    Using the Award Winning Studio,  Buon Fresco, as a business model, we hold nothing back.

Read some of the comments from our graduates:

"I wish I had taken this class before I lost a ton of money to an unscrupulous client."  Oscar

  'Good & Necessary information that is tried and true!  I would absolutely recommend this    class to decorative painters for the beginner and Pro alike - based on its valuable tested policies and experiences.'  Ursula

'I found the class extremely helpful and validating, It will help to crystallize our own policies and procedures.'   Damyen

'Thanks to this class I will now have clear documentation and more value of myself and my time.'  Susan

'The class was very informative and gave me much more confidence.  I would recommend this class to other decorative painters for the unification of industry standards.'  Tara

'The class was very informative, had precise information and great examples.  Thanks to the business class we will be more thorough and specific in our initial presentation and not waste as much time.'  Cathy

'The class was very informative, the business procedure was specifically important to me.  My greatest benefit from this class will be doing business with an industry standard.' Annmarie

The class was very nicely thought out.  Great information to take home.  Thank You! Suzanne

''The class was very informative, the business procedure was specifically important to me.  My greatest benefit from this class will be doing business with an industry standard.' Annmarie


The Academy of Wall Artistry is offering the �Marketing & Business Class�

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The 1-Day class tuition is $400.


  • COLOR:  Each Decorative Painting or Venetian Plastering Course includes a Color discussion, but not training.  To work 'high end' - color judgment is imperative.  The finest techniques are nullified by poor color selection, or the inability to mix the 'correct' matching color.  We cannot overstress, 'color is 99% of the result'.  For comprehensive training take the Color Intensive class.
  • Classes will be filled on a first come/first served basis.

  • For Course descriptions please go to the "Class Dates & Times" page, and select the page with the course you are interested in.
  • Group rates for 4 or more students are available upon request.

  • Specific course dates may be arranged for groups of 6 or more.

  • Deposits for student precipitated cancellations are refundable after a $100 administrative fee up to 14 days following registration, except when the class start date is within that time frame. After 14 days refunds are not available, but the course may be taken for a period of up to 1 year from the date of the course cancelled. Course payments are not refundable in the case of a no show.
  • If reservations are made more than 30 days out, class seats may be reserved with a 50% deposit of the tuition fee.  The materials fees and tuition balances are due at the beginning of the class.
  • PRIVATE INSTRUCTION   Private instruction for individuals or groups is available at the Academy Studio or your own location.  Tuition costs are pro-rated based upon the number of students registered. For more specific information and rates, please visit the private instruction home page at:
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  • IMPORTANT:  Buon Fresco�s Academy of Wall Artistry reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any course if it has insufficient subscription or it is in the best interest of the studio.  If a course date is changed or a class cancelled, the student has the right to first choice of an alternate class date or to receive a full refund of their deposit.



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