Academy of Wall Artistry
Advanced Marbling of Venetian Plaster VP-4 


For Walls and Flat Surfaces Only

VPI & VP III Prerequisites apply

This Marbling in Venetian Plaster Course is designed for the high end decorative professional who is interested in being able to offer exquisite wall finishing that will astound the most jaded observer and attract the attention of designers and architects at all levels.

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Venetian Plaster as Marble Sample No.1

Venetian Plaster as Marble Sample No.2

*Venetian Plaster as Marble Sample No.3

Venetian Plaster as Marble Sample No.4

As with genuine Gold Leaf, there is little in design that speaks elegance in the way that a marble surface does.

Buon Fresco's exclusive technique makes it possible - using Kolcaustico and other top quality synthetic Venetian Plasters along with Mixol Universal Tints to effect a remarkably realistic Marble 

The Faux Marble finish results in a genuinely glass smooth surface and...

...It's even cold to the touch!

NEW VENETIAN PLASTER INTENSIVE IV - ADVANCED MARBLING IN VENETIAN PLASTER MARBLING Intensive For Advanced Marbling in Venetian Plaster  technques.  [Technique is for Flat Surfaces Only]

  • SATURDAY SEPT 20th, 2008

  • SATURDAY OCT  25th, 2008

  • NOVEMBER date pending.

1-Day Intensive Course $800 [prerequisites VPI & VPIII]


Exotic Marbling technique - demonstrating nuance that can only be achieved using tinted and burnished Venetian Plaster as a medium.   <<See Photos>>

NOTE:  **This course is not part of any Current Trilogy;  *** Registrants must have graduated VPI & VPIII in order to take VP4 - which curriculum builds on the material taught in both of these Venetian Plaster intensive classes.



See Class Tuition & Materials


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