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Venetian Plaster Intensive I


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Learn the Italian Plaster technique that blows the rest out of the water.

Hear what our grads say about it:

"Knowledge is wealth! I leave here a very wealthy man. These classes were worth far more than I paid for them. Not a 
day went by where I wasn't learning amazing new things. Trying to learn on my own was like trying to reinvent the wheel. It was 40 years of repeating my work and never rising to a new level. For anyone in this business, this is the place to learn!"  Lloyd Cutting, Vancouver BC  Canada

"This is incredible, I feel like I've been working in the dark all these years.  Your class has surpassed my wildest expectations'. KP, NYC

"I spent 10 years thinking I knew how to apply Venetian Plaster, ..till I came here'. Lonnie Richards, Florida

'Since training with you my Venetian Plaster work has been published and recently I received a coveted award. Today my reputation is spreading throughout the Washington DC area. The Academy of Wall Artistry has changed my artwork and business forever. The skills that I have learned with you have set my work so far ahead my competition that I haven�t lost a single Venetian plaster bid since I completed the course years ago. I just want to thank you all over again.�  Michael Gross, Ashburn VA Nov 2010

'Dear Victoria,  I came to Buon Fresco to add to my repertoire of faux as well as to the Art & Science of Gilding.  And Because of you, I did.  Not everyone is a teacher.  But you are.  And the success of your students is important to you'.  I thank you!'  Doreen, New Orleans

"After the classes were over, I felt like I had been working in the dark all those years." 

Michael C.,  Member International Salon of Decorative Artists



For more testimonials from our graduates please visit the testimonials page of this web site.

Why study with Buon Fresco's Academy of Wall Artistry?

  • Learn the plaster technique that has appeared in 26 magazines, 2 TV shows and a Dreamworks movie!
  • Learn how to apply Venetian Plaster as it is done in Italy!
  • Learn how to achieve 'blade mark free' Venetian Plaster. 
  • Learn how to eliminate the 'razor straight' lines of poorly applied plaster, and replace it with the natural appearance of an undulating marble.  [Scroll down to see examples of this Buon Fresco method ]
  • Learn the Academy's ' Never need to Sand ' application of Italian Plaster.
  • Learn how to mix exacting color matches in Venetian Plaster.
  • Learn how to apply Venetian Plaster so accurately that you can create pure WHITE walls with no blade marks whatsoever.
  • Bust the Myths! Decorative Plaster is so much easier to apply than you may have heard and can be offered for most any budget.
  • We teach technique, not product.
  • Our graduates are top earners.
  • Learn from the experts that the professionals turn to.
  • Our Results are manifestly beautiful and internationally renowned and we teach what we do


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Venetian Plaster as Marble

One Color Venetian Plaster in its beautiful simplicity


DAY 1 (10am - 4pm):

  • The 2-Day course begins with a history of Venetian Plaster and a discussion of the types of plaster available on the market today. This is followed by a presentation of photographs and sample boards from completed Venetian Plaster projects which illustrate the breadth of possibilities achievable with Venetian Plaster.

  • Color assignments are issued and students receive assistance mixing precise colors in Venetian Plaster.   While in these initial exercises Students are 'issued' color assignments in order to challenge them to learn how to mix Venetian Plaster in any possible color and nuance, students are given plenty of opportunities to mix their own preferred colors as well.  Each of the colors mixed may be then used to prepare a number of sample boards which will remain the property of each student for their private portfolios.

  • The Buon Fresco technique for Italian Plaster application involves 3 distinct stages, two of which are taught and practiced extensively day one of the class. After the brief review of Venetian Plaster, Students launch into the first of the 3 essential stages of the Buon Fresco technique, that will render Venetian Plaster  as smooth as a mirror, and with as much nuance as onyx or quartz stones, having visibly embedded layers.

  • 45 minute lunch/rest break.

  • After Lunch Students will continue to practice the mornings techniques and then begin the next essential stage of the technique.  Both stages will be practiced day 1 extensively.  Each board started, will be used to complete a sample board for display before both days are over.

  •  During the afternoon session, students have the opportunity to finish as many practice boards using the new techniques they have learned -in as many colors-as they had mixed that morning.  These boards will be completed on DAY-2 with additional techniques.

 Significant lessons learned on Day 1 include:

  • How to apply Italian Plaster with a natural 'undulating' appearance [like marble] having no blade marks or straight lines. 

  • How to lay down a 'base coat' of plaster to shorten the overall work time of a project.

  • How to apply the plaster in multiple fine coats to increase the plaster's inherent look of  'depth'.  

  • How to lay down the wet plaster so that no corrective measures such as sanding, are ever required on wall surfaces.

Day 2 (10pm - 4pm] -lessons include:

  • Instruction in the final application technique that creates a glass-like plaster surface with exquisite nuance and depth. Our graduates tell us that other applications 'can't hold a candle to the beauty of the result of this technique'. This technique, called the 'decorative top coat', is accomplished on each of the sample boards begun by the students the previous day.  Students practice all 3 techniques this day finishing a minimum of 6 stunning sample boards.

  • Blade Polishing the finished Plaster boards.

  • How to seal and decorate walls using wax and a variety of mica and bronzing powders.

  • A Special aspect of Day 2, is when the Students take their finished boards and are taught HOW TO        DO the valuable portfolio item, 'DAMASK STRIPING' IN VENETIAN PLASTER:

See Photo below of Damask Waxed VP:




Additional aspects of Day 2:

  • Job site preparation for an Italian Plaster project is discussed.

  • Buon Fresco's professional strategies and secrets are offered on how to obtain the finest Venetian Plaster finishing result and overcome common difficulties;

  • Sudents will learn which plastering tools work the best and why;  also which tools do not work well, and why.

  • Suggestions of best plaster products to use and where to obtain them.

  • Finally a thorough question and answer period wraps up the intensive 2-day session.


  • Graduates of the Academy are entitled to phone the instructor or studio at any time during business hours to receive help or advice while on a job site.

  • Graduates of the Academy are entitled to participate in On-The-Job training at actual Buon Fresco job sites, to enhance the particular skill acquired in class.

  • Graduate 'Buon Fresco Academy Certificates' tell it all to prospective clients.

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2006 Pride of Place Awards  - Sepp Leaf Corp., NYC - Prize awarded for    'The Most Distinctive Venetian Plaster'

2005 - Excellence in Design Award - Category - Decorative Plaster   Walls & Ceilings Magazine

2004 Elizabeth Warnock Prize for Excellence for Decorative Plaster - 2004 National Symphony Orchestra Decorator Show House

2003 Best Decorative Finishing - Jan/Feb   Awarded by Paint Pro Magazine

2000 Elizabeth Warnock Prize for Excellence for Decorative Plaster - 2000 National Symphony Orchestra Decorator Show House

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