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Stenciled Italian Plaster is the finish that put us in more magazines than any other .

For Information on a private stenciling class call:  1. 888 637-3726

PHOTO Above - Waxed Venetian Plaster Walls as seen in Washington Home & Design Magazine  2006 Nov/ Dec   

 Intensive Venetian Plaster II Course
                                                                 You will learn to use Buon Fresco's patent pending tools and techniques for applying elaborate Damask Designs to Venetian Plaster Bases using your choice of Plaster or Wax mediums.  The selection of boards you will prepare will include:

Clockwise from Images Top >>

  • Matte Plaster Design over Polished Plaster Base (Dark on Light)

  • Waxed Design over Matte Plaster Base.

  • Multi Colored Plasters in Mural type Designs

  • Matte Plaster Design over Polished Plaster Base (Light on Dark  )

Scroll down to see additional examples.

Matte Plaster over Polished Waxed Venetian Plaster Design
Colored Plaster over Plaster Matte Plaster over Polished
The reason this Stenciled Venetian Plaster design was featured in the Home & Design magazine article is how unusual the technique really is.  The finished walls are so refined and elegant that they stun viewers. 

Don't miss the opportunity to add a number of tremendously high end Faux Finishes to your portfolio. Call the Academy today. Classes in Stenciling Venetian Plaster are scheduled.

This Extraordinary Stencil Design above is a Buon Fresco original and may be ordered for your project by emailing the studio at:



 These Damask Italian Plaster Samples are as smooth as glass.  [photo below]

Stenciled Italian Plaster for private residence, Potomac, MD 1998.


 ABOVE^^ Polished Damask Design over Matte Finish Italian Plaster 

                            ABOVE>>  Matte Damask Plaster Design over Polished Italian Plaster Base>>
Photo Left <  This 1998 project was Buon Fresco's maiden voyage into applying tinted Venetian Plaster over a base of Polished Venetian Plaster through a stencil using our Mushroom Stenciling Tool.  The resulting walls as seen here were astonishingly beautiful and so thoroughly successful, it launched a new decorative bent for Buon Fresco that has through these12 years, gained us both awards and press features.




The Venetian Plaster II Course is an excellent class that has brought my Venetian Plaster work to a whole new level.  I have read books on  different techniques for Venetian Plaster - The Buon Fresco method is by far superior.  The work is easier and the result is far more beautiful than any other method.  There is simply none that can compare with the Buon Fresco technique.    It is the Rolls Royce of Venetian Plaster work.   Chris Adams, San Francisco CA

The Buon Fresco method makes something that looks amazingly complex - surprisingly easy to accomplish!

Victoria's teaching ability always exceeds my expectations.

There is this amazing feeling of being able to return to a city like San Francisco and know that ' I am exclusive'.  If you want an edge over all other decorative painters, take this class!                    Chad Fox, San Francisco, CA 

Tinted Plasters as Wysteria


For very good reasons, the Italian Plaster Intensive Course has been the Academy's most popular course.  Since Buon Fresco introduced 'Venetian Plaster' to our repertoire several years ago, the wall finish material quickly became the most requested of all of our finish offerings among our clients. 

There is no wall finish material introduced to the USA in the last 100 years as exciting as Italian Plaster.  To learn more about the material, turn to the description page: 'VPDEFINED'

THE CHALLENGE:  If your choice of instruction is not dictated by the size of the school; if you prefer a 'technique driven' - as opposed to a 'product-driven' course -; if you prefer to acquire the most beautiful Italian Plaster technique in the industry, then call today and reserve your seat at The Academy of Wall Artistry, just outside Washington DC. 

Join an elite group of graduates that are glad they did!   

"I wish you would never teach it again, until after I retire."       Chris Adams, San Francisco, CA                                   

Venetian Plaster Stencil Work

Stenciled Bamboo Painting created with tinted Venetian Plaster.  Private Residence, Mclean VA

Damask Stenciled Venetian Plaster


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