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Buon Fresco has been designing Stencils for 17 years. We have seen our award winning stencil designs in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Washington Home & Design Magazine, and even on Home & Garden Television!

Since we frequently use stencils ourselves, we know how to design them to be elegant, and also to repeat themselves beautifully and seamlessly.

Now the Buon Fresco stencils that you've admired may be obtained to use for your own clients!

Venetian Plaster Stencil Work

'S' Stencil Above - Designed exclusively for the 'Sullivans'

The Venetian Plaster Stenciling Course is an excellent class that has brought my Venetian Plaster work to a whole new level.'     

Chris Adams, San Francisco CA

"Thank you for the beautiful work you did in our home..  Why didn't we find you first!"  Brian Nimmo, Reston VA



When ordering stencils, please note that the price drops with an increased number of stencils purchased.  To receive the reduced price, be certain to be ordering at least the minimum in that price category or your order may be delayed.


Buon Fresco stenciled ceiling design << Left - Turning Leaf Stencil  

LEFT-  Turning Leaf Stencil - Perfect for Ceiling Enhancement

Comes in Set of [2] connecting Stencils - (each 48" x 30") which leap frog over each other and line up again on the next side. Stencils cover 48" x 60" before repeating. Comes with 2  Large Stencils and instructions to create finish shown.  

$180 for the pair of leapfrogging stencils




The Repeating Rose is one of Buon Fresco's most popular Stencils.   The bold floral design lends itself to more contemporary settings. The Rose may be positioned to repeat itself infinitely and may be finished tone on tone or with dramatic colors.   7 Mil Mylar

  • 30 x 31 inches - @ $75 each

  • 5 -10  copies @ $64 each

  • 11 or more copies @ $54 each

Please observe the minimums when ordering; or your order may be delayed while it is corrected. That is, if you order stencils at the 5 - 10 rate, you must fill in the correct number of stencils on the shopping cart page.



THE IRON GATE  (or 'Sullivan's 'S' Design)

This special design represented our first  Venetian Plaster stenciled over Venetian Plaster. This Dining room was finished in 1999. And this 'Iron Gate' Stencil is - in our humble opinion - as elegant as any stencil design we've ever created. 

The 'Iron Gate' is available in 7 Mil Mylar and is designed for picture boxes (as shown) or to repeat 'repeatedly' for large spaces. 







  1 Iron Gate Stencil - 48" x 36" - $145



HANDS DOWN, The 'Acanthus Leaf' Stencil is our most popular design. The extraordinary stencil began as a composite of multiple 18th century design elements which celebrate the classic 'Acanthus Leaf'. 


The renaissance style stencil is available in 2 sizes, Medium - 30"x 19" - with fine details for Powder Rooms and narrow hallways, or Large -48"x36" for impact in large rooms.


[Note: the Finish shown left is done with tinted waxes over Venetian Plaster. This specific technique is taught in Buon Fresco's Venetian Plaster Stenciling Class.

Large 48"x36" - $175                               

Medium 30"x 19" - $90

This Original Design of wall length Bamboo and Poppies was created in 2002 for a Beautiful private Residence in Mclean VA.

The Stencil is in 4 parts and ranges in size from 36" x 84" for the Bamboo and smaller overlay pieces for the Poppy Flowers

Total 4 Stencils Laser Cut from 7 mil Mylar.

7 foot tall Stencil, with 3 custom overlays to duplicate Oriental Design Show - $275





The Gardenia Floral is an original stencil design created for a beautiful private residence in Northern Virginia;

The stencil is an ideal cross of classic and contemporary in wall design.

Our version here, with a tinted wax stenciled through the design over a base of polished Italian Plaster was featured in an 8 page editorial in the Fall 2006 Edition of 'Washington Home & Design' magazine. (photo left)

Stencil comes in 2 sizes in  7 Mil Mylar 

  • 48" x 30 " -  $120 each

  • 30 " x 19 " - $ 85 each






Powder Room Wall Venetian

Plaster 'Painting' of Wysteria

in Blues/Greens and Marigold.


Stencil comes in 30 x 30 sheets of 7 mil Mylar with a total of 3 - Color Overlays, and instructions for use.  $150 for Set.




For Best Registration, a stencil may be used for up to 4 passes. Afterwards a new stencil works should be applied. Oil paints & Wax may be cleaned from a Mylar Stencil using paint thinner.  Water based paints & plasters build up and may not be cleaned.


USE enough Stencils.

Don't Skimp on Materials!

Expert Finishers are like Chefs d' Cuisine.. ..they know that you need the ingredients and the tools create the memories!


Use Buon Fresco's 'MUSHROOM' - An Expert Stenciling Tool - for your most accurate registration! 


Mushroom Stenciling Tool - Made in the USA and Proudly assembled by GOODWILL Industries!

Experiment with color, texture and finish combinations when you stencil!!

Every time we think we've 'done or seen it all', .. along comes one of our students who creates a NEW MASTERPIECE!  (Ronald Campoverde.. we're thinking of you!  :)

Purchase Multiple Stencils and receive discounts!

  For a quote email  your preferred stencil - name and quantity - to - ARTISTRY@BFresco.com


Distributorships are available -            For Details contact - artistry@bfresco.com



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