Venetian Plaster

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Marge Nanni Interiors, Bethesda MD

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House on the Cuisance

House on the Cuisance, by Andre

Siverskaya, By Andre Kouznetsov


Above ^ The Sentinel


Poppy & Bamboo Bathroom Mural in Venetian Plaster


Shown ^^ Plaster as Marble

Trompe L' Oeil Elements


Andre Nikolaevich Kouznetsov - Russo

     Mural Art

For Restaurants and Commercial Spaces,   Private Houses and Residences,

and Churches and Ecclesiastical Spaces.

Call  - 888.637.3726

mural, gold leaf  

        The Beginning of Venice by Andre, (Top Right) and the stunning 4-Part mural hung in place. (Photo Top Left)

The Red Thread

[Author of Poem Unknown]  Trompe L' Oeil Mural painted by Andre  Kouznetsov   ........

for 'Word of Life

High School, 2009














This Classic Mural, a Trompe L' Oeil Masterpiece - measures 26 feet long by 18 feet wide and was created using multiple techniques with Frottage for Stone effects, Genuine Gold Leaf for Light, and over 30 stencils to create the details of the Cupola.

Designed and finished in 1999 by Andre Kouznetsov Russo, the mural remains the centerpiece of its stunning Potomac Maryland home, and is a wonder to behold.

Trompe L' Oeil Baroque Cupola  Ceiling Mural for Residence, Potomac, MD

Baltimore Symphany Orchestra Show House

Site of Dreamworks Filming

Dreamworks Film 'Head of State' with Chris Rock

and view to Murals by Andre Kouznetsov - Russo.

Trompe L' Oeil Tapestry of  'Flight to Egypt'

Trompe L' Oeil Tapestry of Christ with Children

Hallway View to Trompe L' Oeil Paintings of Ecclesiastic Art

Venetian Plaster

Shown Above ^  Entry Hallway Design for Ecclesiastical Design Company, showing Mural by Andre N. Kouznetsov

and custom Colored Venetian Plaster walls.

Shown ^^ Detail from Portrait of Placido Domingo for the Domingo Room, Cafe Milano, Georgetown


Shown Above ^ Ceiling Cupola Mural for Villa Franco, Washington DC

Beginning and Completed Views of Kouznetsov Russo's 7'x 8' Oil Painting of ' The Annunciation '.

Church Art and Ecclesiastic Commissions  - Above ^^ and Below

The Last Supper, Ecclesiastical Mural by Andre Kouznetsov - Russo.

National History Mural by Andre Kouznetsov, for Cafe Milano Restaurant, Georgetown

Above ^^ & Below - Details from National History Mural



The man and his art; Andre Kouznetsov - Russo

Above ^^ Renaissance Sky Mural by Victoria Bingham

To see more of Andre Kouznetsov Art - Click Trompe L' Oeil

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