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THE ACADEMY is TWENTY!  March 5, 2017!

Come celebrate with us! 

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Venetian Plaster as Marble at Academy of Wall Artistry


Victoria's classes will keep you on the edge of your seat,..

..and you will hang on to her every word'. 

Jon Peterson,  Glen Burnie MD


"Your technique [for Marbling in VP] is AMAZING! 

I've been marbling for 20 years but have never seen anything like this!

It's SO fast and SO easy!" Gelu Pisalu, NJ  Nov 18, 2013

image.jpeg<< Photo Left: Professional Job photo sent to The Academy by NYC graduate Konstantinos Papalexiou.

We think it's stunning.

Kostas' work beautifully illustrates the Buon Fresco method of Venetian Plaster, with its undulating form, freedom from blade marks, and utterly natural appearance, like a fabulous slab of marble or granite. 

For more information on how to make your Venetian Plaster this gorgeous, call 888 637-3726

Or register now for the June 2012 Venetian Plaster series of classes beginning June 11th.

Academy of Wall Artistry Student work Venetian Plaster as Marble

The Buon Fresco method is the Rolls Royce of the Venetian Plaster techniques.  With just my first job, I'd already had several local plaster artist (with far more experience than me) raving about my walls, and asking me how I was able to get such great results.  But there was no way I was going to tell them!  Since then, I've gotten other offers for jobs, without even advertising.  And I'm already raising my rates. Chris Adams, San Francisco CA


"The last time I saw anything this exciting I was looking at outerspace through a telescope!' Steve Monos, NYC, NY


"I am very fortunate to have studied the Buon Fresco techniques at your Academy!   I have not seen anyone who does the Buon Fresco style of Venetian Plaster in New England.  I stay very competitive!My customers are blown away by the smoothness of my Italian Plaster work.  there is nothing that compares to mine! All the plaster art here is the same run of the mill stucco that anyone can do and everyone does. No one can compete with me.  I just did a theater room for a client, in bright orange. It's killer!  Though things have been slow up here for other artists, I continue to have work.  Thank YOU!"   .....................................................  ..  ..    Allen Koehler, New Hampshire  March 2008  
Students busy at work during VPIII Marbling in Plaster Class, September 2008
Venetian Plaster by Academy of Wall Artistry Students "When I told my client that I had Venetian Plaster Samples I wanted to show him, he told me he wasn't really interested that he had 'seen all that before'.  Several times over the course of a job I was working on for him - I reminded him that I had boards to show him and always got the same- 'It's OK, I've seen Venetian Plaster before'.  But I brought the boards I did in your class in from my truck anyway, and I showed him.  His jaws fell open and his eyes popped. He said to me 'I've never seen anything like that before!'  Thank you so much for your training!"

Zdeneck Ullman, NYC  August 2008


Faux Marble has taken on a new dimension with Venetian Plaster as a medium.  Finally you can offer a surface that has the cold touch of real Stone, or Marble, the same smooth quality and high natural polish.  It's nothing short of amazing!  In the Venetian Plaster III Marbling Class you will learn 5 types of Marble, and how to apply them to both flat and round substrates!

A selection from Aida's work in Venetian Plaster Marbling techniques learned at the Academy.

I want to thank you for the periodic contact that I receive as a graduate of your courses.  Many organizations just take your money and forget about you until they try and get more money from you.  But I admire you for establishing and maintaining a community of graduates and keeping that community informed of developments providing them with announcements of work opportunities, offering information on opportunities for artistic growth, and even sharing information with the community to stimulate social consciousness and provide alerts. 

Thanks for all that you and Buon Fresco do, and I am proud to be affiliated with such an organization.  --And you can feel free to quote anything that I've said.  
-Al Boseman 



'That was a '5 STAR Education'.  The best I ever had anywhere!'  Steve Monos, NYC NY

I wasn't sure what to expect, however I was immediately impressed by the professionalism, demeanor, and quality of the instruction and materials. I learned far more than I ever thought I would.  I leave this class with a richer understanding and appreciation for an ancient art.  I will never look at a wall or color scheme the same way again.   Victoria helped me to free the stymied, constricted designer that resides within my soul and expanded my mind - opening up new ways of thinking and looking at color that I wouldn't have considered before.  Additionally her 'anything is possible' attitude has left me utterly transformed.  I am a better person as a result. I look forward to returning to San Francisco to apply what I have learned here, knowing that now I have a distinct advantage over other designers - and knowing in my heart that I am capable of anything I desire.'  Chad Fox, San Francisco, CA


IRON MAN - Steve from October VPIII Class - He drove from NYC to VA the morning of his first class!

Dear Victoria & Andre, Thank you so much for teaching me the gold gilding technique.  I learn so much in the gold Leaf class, it make a very good impact for my business.  Since I added the gold gilding into my service, the sales in my business increase over 30%!  My clients love the touch of gold, distress gold leaf ceiling, the Venetian Plaster Marble Columns, and especially the gold leaf molding along the Venetian Plaster walls!  It makes the room looks so elegance!  I will send you pictures later.  I am highly recommend the Gold gilding class to anyone who want to get involve in decorating.  Thanks again with your teaching and friendly advice to my jobs after the class.  It make me run my business much easier than I think!'

Yours Sincerely,  

William Lai, Creative Design,

Ashburn, VA



................. Luciano, Michael & Tom from August VPII course

"I've taken Venetian Plaster classes in California and Las Vegas and have been plastering  for 2 years now, but this is the first time I've learned what I would really classify as technique".  Sandy Connors, Santa Clara CA


"The first layer [Venetian Plaster Basic Intensive Course Student]  is so different from anything I've ever been taught.  I realized finally I knew nothing." 

Sandy Connors, Santa Clara CA


"I've been here just day one, but I already see why I had to take this class prior to the Venetian Plaster Marbling Class.  Though I've been plastering for years, I realize I knew nothing at all"!    Ron Peterson, MD

Other plasters I'd been taught with were extremely expensive, $50 per quart . This plaster is not only reasonably priced but goes on incredibly smooth.  I tried my best over there but could not ever entirely eliminate the blade marks.This is absolutely the best.  Steve Monos NY, NY
Marina, Stenciling Wax Damask Pasttern over plaster Sample   Aida - Graduate of full lineup of Academy Classes with recent VP work

Loni, with Calcutta Marbling technique sample over plaster

 Photos top & left:

The beautiful marbling in Venetian Plaster work of graduate Dr. Jay Starling of Virginia Beach, VA.

He also makes his own cabinetry!!  Beautiful! VJB

Brook & Jon from first ever VP4 Class!   Talk about a multi cultural setting.  Brook is from Texas and Jon is from England.  They did dynamic work together in The Academy's first ever Venetian Plaster IV Advanced Marbling Class, & well.. we think the picture is worth 1000 words.



Buon Fresco Venetian Plaster as Marble Class

Buon Fresco Venetian Plaster as Marble Class


Buon Fresco Venetian Plaster as Marble Class


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