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"Utterly Impressive" Sims Bray, Publisher - Veranda Magazine

24 Karat Gold Leaf Capitol

"Buon Fresco is set apart by their ability to do any type of work, by attention to detail, their sense of color and design, by the best Venetian Plaster, period!"  Washington Designer Hall of Fame's Justine Sancho

24 K Antiqued Genuine Gold Leaf

'After I saw  at the finest hotels in Venice - walls that gleamed with the glamour of real Italian Plaster,  I looked for work like this in the United States without success -  until I saw Buon Fresco's stunning Italian Plaster work".  Roy Lykes Roy Lykes Interior Design
Buon Fresco on the Cover

"Victoria is the best colorist I have ever known." - Alice Busch /Great Falls Distinctive Interiors

Buon Fresco published works

''People walk into my home and the first thing that happens, is their mouths fall open.  Then the compliments begin.  Thank You Victoria, there is nothing like the results of Buon Fresco that I have ever seen'.   Dolores Flowers,  MD 

Waxed Damask over Italian Plaster

'Why didn't we find you first?!'  Brian Nimmo ,  Reston VA,


Every time I go into the beautiful rooms that you did for us I feel so lucky!'  Mrs. Frank Carlucci, Mclean VA

Venetian PLaster as Glassy Marble

For more Information: artistry@bfresco.com

Waxed Pattern over Italian Plaster

"Our clients are consistently amazed at how they [Buon Fresco] always go above and beyond what is expected." Ellen Swartz - Ellen Swartz Interiors

Matte Italian Plaster Pattern

"This Client was too important to use any other studio.  For this home I wanted only the best.  I told my client that they HAD to engage Buon Fresco."  Beth Jarvis-Boggs


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Feature Article on Award Winning Venetian Plaster Works

Venetian Plaster as Ceramic Tile

  1. Why are you training your competition?  
  • Of all the questions that we are asked often, this one begs an answer of different parts; but we will attempt to be brief and say by way of response first of all:  'No one is ever remembered for what they received, but for what they gave
  • By that token, it has been our privilege for over 12 years, to train artists to accumulate 'income generating skills' that benefited not only the artists and their families - but the recipients of their craft.  We are utterly thankful to God for being in a position to do this. 
  • Finally, an interest in Faux Arts among consumers is self generating; as people see and learn of Faux, the interest is fueled.
   2.  What are the characteristics of success in a Decorative Artist?
  • Inquiry.  Without the desire to learn, any craft is hobbled.
  • Willingness to work hard.  Self explanatory.
  • Talent.  Self explanatory.
  • Training.  An untrained artist, like an untrained voice, will largely paint or sing for their supper only.
  • Ethics.  Give more than what you promise, but promise only that which you can give.
     3. Why do you insist on prerequisites for Venetian Plaster advanced courses, even with people who have been applying Venetian Plaster for many years?
  • The Academy's Venetian Plaster Intensive I course teaches a method so difficult to learn that it  takes 2 days to instruct the method, and  then can take an artist years to prefect the craft.              
  • The advanced techniques in the VPII & VPIII & VPIV classes all require a basis in the technique which is then built upon.  Without this basis the class would be relegated to bringing the 'untaught' students up to speed resulting in a stoppage of instruction for the trained students.  In 12 years no one has ever come to the VPI class able to apply the plaster as we teach it.  Many have been actually apologetic for thinking they already 'knew' how to plaster.  Most of the schools we have seen in the United States do not teach technique but specific product 'application'.  There is a big difference.  And BTW our technique is useful with any plaster product.
   4.   Do you ever make exceptions?
  • No.
   5.   How did you develop your remarkable techniques?
  • The same way that George Washington Carver developed 450 uses for 2 different vegetables, and Thomas Alva Edison the filament light bulb after 1000 tries - Godly inspiration and a lot of hard work.
  • Also  the principal that, while we are often copied, 'we won't even copy ourselves'.  We make it our business to develop something new and interesting for each and every project we work on.  From this philosophy springs much of our original design.
   6.  Does your school travel?
  • The Academy will travel to another state or location with a minimum of 7 students [6 + the organizer who gets a tuition freebee] assembled and a viable site for training available. Certain other provisions apply, please phone the studio for more specifics.  1 [888] 637-3726
   7.  Do you teach everything you do?
  • No.   We maintain a few trade secrets that we'll sell with the company when that day comes.

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